How to find and engage Customers in their new post-COVID journey

As vaccines would seem to shine a light at the end of an unprecedented period that disrupted every category of business, brands are considering addressable media as a way to engage with consumers along their transformed journey.

One of the most impactful ways to reach an audience is through the power of story and addressability has emerged as a technology that allows that story to reach key audiences. This creates a more pleasant experience for customers as they see ads for things they are really considering and want and can therefore lead to higher conversion rates. 

In the post-COVID “new normal” arena, many industries are reconsidering how to engage most effectively with their consumers as customer journeys have become more digital during the period of the pandemic. Addressable media is becoming a key part of the post-COVID tool box.

Discover here how 3 industries, Automotive, Travel and Consumer Package Goods are preparing for the post-COVID purchasing boom.

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